Expose Documentation

Global Server Infrastructure ::pro

Expose Pro allows you to choose between multiple Expose servers around the world, so that you can use an endpoint closest to you.

To get a list of all the available Expose servers, you can run expose servers

$ expose servers

| Key  | Region                    | Type |
| eu-1 | EU (Frankfurt)            | Pro  |
| us-1 | US (New York)             | Pro  |
| us-2 | US (San Francisco)        | Pro  |
| ap-1 | Asia Pacific (Singapore)  | Pro  |
| in-1 | India (Bangalore)         | Pro  |
| sa-1 | South America (São Paulo) | Pro  |
| au-1 | Australia (Sydney)        | Pro  |

Changing servers

When you share a local URL, or a local TCP port, you can specify the Expose server region, using the --server command line option. Pass the server key as the option to connect to this specific server.

expose share my-local-site.test --server=eu-1

Setting a default server

Most of the time you will want to always use the server location that is closest to you for all of your Expose commands. You can define the default server that Expose should use, by calling the expose default-server command:

expose default-server us-2

Now the next time that you will share a local URL or port, Expose is automatically going to connect to the us-2 server for your.