Expose Documentation


Expose is a tunnel application that allows you to share your local sites and applications with others on the internet. It is open source, written in PHP and the best alternative to ngrok for PHP developers.

The easiest way to get started with Expose, is by creating a free Expose token and use our managed Expose server infrastructure, allowing you to register custom white-label domains, use custom subdomains, and invite additional team-members. The managed Expose network has a free plan that runs on the infrastructure in our data center in Germany – and a Pro plan that uses the global Expose network with access points all over the world.

If you decide to host your own Expose server, you can extend Expose with additional features and middleware classes on the server and client side. This gives your the full flexibility of true customization but comes with maintenance and hosting overhead.

Expose has a powerful CLI and a web-based dashboard. Both show you incoming HTTP requests on the client.

If you work with PHP, install Expose now.