Expose Documentation

Sharing sites with basic authentication

Expose allows you to share your local sites with custom basic authentication credentials.

This is useful, if you have a static subdomain that you share with someone else, for example a client, and you want to provide some additional security to it. Before someone can access your shared site, they need to provide the correct credentials.

Warning: You can not add basic authentication to a website that already uses basic authentication.

To share your site with basic authentication, use:

expose --auth="admin:secret"

Or if you want to use the explicit sharing:

expose share my-site.test --auth="admin:secret"

This will share the local URL my-site.test with the username "admin" and the password "secret".

You can also use the basic authentication parameter in addition to a custom subdomain:

expose share my-site.test --subdomain=site --auth="admin:secret"