Expose Documentation

Share your first site

Once your authentication token is setup, you are ready to share your first site with Expose. Expose creates a tunnel between your local development URLs/HTTP server and a publicly available web server.

The easiest way to share your local URLs is by calling expose share followed by the local URL that you want to share:

# Will share access to
expose share http://localhost:3000

# Will share access to http://my-local-site.dev
expose share my-local-site.dev

By default, Expose assumes that you want to share unenecrypted local traffic through HTTP. If you want to share a local HTTPS URL append the protocol to the url, like this:

# Will share access to https://my-local-site.dev 
# Note the https for tunneling locally encrypted sites
expose share https://my-local-site.dev

Custom Subdomains ::pro

To make your life easier, Expose tries to share your local URLs using custom subdomains. This allows you to share your local URL my-local-site.dev as my-local-site.us-1.sharedwithexpose.com.

By default, Expose uses a slugified version of the URL that you want to share, but you can also choose your own custom subdomain.