Expose Documentation


PHP Archive (PHAR)

We distribute Expose as a PHAR archive that contains everything you need in order to use Expose. Simply download it from here and make it executable:

curl https://github.com/beyondcode/expose/raw/master/builds/expose -L --output expose

chmod +x expose


You most likely want to put the expose.phar into a directory on your PATH, so you can simply call expose from any directory. For example:

sudo mv expose.phar /usr/local/bin/expose

After that, you are ready to go and can share your first site.

Via Composer

Expose is a PHP application and you can install the client for your local machine as a global composer dependency:

composer global require beyondcode/expose

Make sure that your global composer directory is inside of your PATH environment variable. Simply add this directory to your PATH in your ~/.bash_profile (or ~/.bashrc) like this:

export PATH=~/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH

As a docker container

Expose has a Dockerfile in the root of the source that you can build and use without any extra effort.

docker build -t expose .


docker run expose <expose command>


docker run expose share # share a local site
docker run expose serve my-domain.com # start a server

Now you're ready to go and can share your first site.

Extending Expose

By default, Expose comes as an executable PHAR file. This allows you to use all Expose features out of the box – without any additional setup required.

If you want to modify Expose and want to add custom request/response modifiers, you need to clone the GitHub repository instead of the global composer dependency.

You can learn more about the customization of Expose in the extending Expose documentation section.