Expose Documentation

Expose 2.0 🥳

Almost one year after the initial release of Expose 1.0.0, we are extremely excited about the release of version 2.0! In addition to the release of Expose 2.0 as open source software, we have also released Expose Pro - a commercial offering of all the latest and greatest Expose features on a global network of Expose servers.

We have put a ton of effort into this release, making sure that Expose stays the best tunneling solution out there - not only for PHP developers.

New Features

Dark Mode 🌚

The local Expose Dashboard now comes with a beautiful dark mode theme!

Automatic Subdomain Generation

When sharing a local site explicitly via expose share my-local-site.test, Expose 2 now automatically assigns a static subdomain based on the provided hostname. In this case, Expose would try to use the subdomain my-local-site. This makes it even easier to always ensure that you use the same subdomain for your Expose URLs, even if you do not explicitly provide the custom subdomain yourself.

TCP Port Sharing

Expose 2.0 finally adds the ability to share your local TCP ports with others. This is super useful when you want to give access to an application that is running on your local machine via an Expose server.

For example, you can share your local HELO instance with others, making it easy to send out emails from staging/production servers right into a desktop application running on your local computer.

Reserved Subdomains

In Expose 1.0 you were already able to specify a custom subdomain that you want to use for your current tunnel. With Expose 2.0 you can now ensure that nobody else can use the subdomain besides you (and your team). You can reserve a custom subdomain on an Expose server and this subdomain will then be associated with your unique authentication token.

Multiple-Server support

Expose 1.0 was limited to one server that it could connect to. In case of our free Expose server, this would mean that all traffic was going through one server sitting in Frankfurt, Germany. With Expose 2.0, you can now define an array of servers that are available for your Expose client and then easily switch between those servers using the --server command-line argument.

White-Label Domain support

The 2.0 update of Expose finally allows you to register a custom white-label domain on the Expose servers, allowing you to use your own custom domain with the Expose service. This means that you no longer have to share *.sharedwithexpose.com URLs with your colleagues and clients, but you can now register your own domain and use that instead. All it takes is a simple CNAME DNS entry and you're ready to go!

White label domains get TLS/SSL certificates on the first connect to a URL automatically. This process takes a few seconds so that first page load can take a moment or even fail – try again after a few seconds and all additional requests will be fast until the certificate expires. Re-using the same (sub-)domain makes sure that your certificate stays available.